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So, I'm sitting at the latest happening cafe, uploading pictures of the twins from like two months ago. They are here. If you want to see them, that is.

When I get out there for a formal visit, I'll see if I can't get like a formal shoot for them. They need some really good portrait type pictures. :) I'm a good auntie.

Today was last day with Hector. Yay!

Now to find a job over the weekend. :)


Got my super seekrit club decoder ring in the mail yesterday. Yay!

Now, I if I can just talk Trent into coming with me to Bobbie's wedding. There is more good news on that front, an old friend of ours from college will be there. We hadn't heard from him in forever and Bobbie wasn't able to go to his wedding, but...he is going to be there! Yay! His wife *may* be coming or she may be in Cambodia. Yeah, she knows Chinese, too. Totally a white chick.

Alica <---loser


Ok, more people watching here at the cafe.
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