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I am such a cornball. Here's why:

Alan Jackson's song, "Drive."

Makes me all weepy. This is one of those country songs that totally gets me. It's a happy song and all, but it just makes me all nostalgic. For the very reason he speaks of: I remember how great it felt when my dad was teaching me how to drive. He was reading the paper while I had a death grip on the steering wheel so afraid I would launch us into one of the drainage canals by the dump. Complete confidence that he was safe.

Or, in the parking lot at the abandoned shopping mall.

"Let's see if this thing can get over 45." I almost flipped us over trying to take a turn at 40. Oops. But, he didn't freak out. He let me keep trying. I don't know how frightened he was, but he didn't let on.

His 1965 Mustang with no power steering. Rusting out. Slowly killing us with a bad exhaust system.

Thanks Alan, for making sure I keep that memory.

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