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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bill hicks:
    A great comedian. I am sad that I didn't "discover" him until after his death. But, I found out about him after listening to Tool's "Aenema" album and asked someone who was talking and then a whole new world of funny opened up to me. I think some of his stuff was a bit over the top, but I still love listening to him.
  2. diabetes research:
    This is something I support (currently in name only, I have no $$ to give). Many of my family members have Type II diabetes, one aunt has Type I diabetes and I am "prediabetes." You can see my concern. :)

    I just look forward to the day when my relatives don't have to inject themselves anymore to make sure they survive.
  3. florida history:
    It's pretty good stuff. Henry Flagler, women mayors, runaway slaves, gator wrestling, US1 kitsch, sugar cane, the Fountain of Youth.

    Maybe I should rekindle my interest in this. Hmmmm...
  4. hem:
    Hem. Good group. I wonder how many people thought that this meant I liked to do hems on clothing or something. They have one album out called Rabbit Songs, I highly recommend it. The pedal steel is used. :) It's kind of folky, I guess. The singer has a really pretty voice. She got the job with the band by submitting a tape of herself singing lullabies a capella. That is kind of what some of the songs sound like, pretty lullabies. Here are some lyrics from "When I Was Drinking":

    When I was drinking
    When I was with you
    Living it up when the rent was due
    With nothing and no one to live up to

    You and me dying on the vine
    Holding hands and drinking wine
    Now I'm not the same girl I left behind with you
  5. learning to knit:
    I need something to do with my hands. This seemed a good idea. I just can't seem to get the hang of the opening stitch. Of course, I asked someone to help me and they told me I was doing it backward. Then she proceeded to zoom through a row so fast, I had no idea what she was doing. So, I just haven't taken it back up yet. Maybe once I get evenings free after I get a job again, then I will look into it again.
  6. money:
    Makes the world go round, keeps food in the bowl for the cats (one of which is currently hugging a pair of shoes), gas in the car and internet in my computer. I don't need lots of it, just enough.
  7. photography:
    One of my most favorite things. I love taking pictures of things. People can be fun, but I prefer still life. Nature, buildings, cars, even just a really interesting pattern on a table can be fun.
    I think my favorite subject, which falls under people, are the twins because they are absolutely in love with the camera and ham it up to 11. If I liked other people's kids I would probably be a portrait photographer.
  8. sewing:
    I'm a sight better at sewing than I am at knitting. I do wicked good hems and patches. Pillows are easy and fun. I can make a skirt, those are fairly easy. Any other clothing items, I need a pattern because I am clueless about measuring and stuff.
  9. supernatural phenomena:
    It's groovy. I like watching ghost stories and haunted history and things like that.
  10. waffles:
    mmmmmmmmm waaaaaaaffles
    See pic for more details :)

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