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Tucson show is going to be refunded. :(

This makes me very happy that I am also going to Oakland to see the show. If something happens to that show...well, there will be a strongly worded letter written to Mr. Reznor to have a back up drummer. I'll recommend my cousin. He plays pretty good. Which reminds me, I need to email him and say "Yo."

Day 2 of no job. If anything, I'm catching up on my sleep. Of course, I feel guilty afterwards for sleeping instead of doing things that are productive. So, I'm getting out of the pjs and going to get my oil changed today. I had a bit of financial luck this week. I remembered yesterday that credit card and student loan were both due today. I was a bit freaked. So, I head to credit card site...had paid earlier this month. Whew. :)
So, all bills are caught up for now. Just have cable and rent at the end of the month and then we start the vicious cycle all over again. Thankfully, I have enough in savings that can get me through about two weeks of no money coming in. I am hoping for something by the end of the week. *sigh*

I really don't want to go back to waitressing. But, as I lose a little more confidence everyday it looks closer and closer to happening. We'll see.

The movie last night was interesting. It was also interesting to witness people not listening to others and just sticking with their guns regarding whatever. footnotefetish pointed out bringing up muslim/islam/ottoman/arab expansion in the SEVENTH century. I think we both just looked at each other like, "wtf?"

Can't wait until next week. :)

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