LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Today started first day back at data entry job. Did about half day of entering, the rest was working on orientation type stuff. Came home and found an email for interview setup. Emailed her back, hopefully something that pays more. Things are really up in the air right now. have to sort it all out.

I want to send a shoutout to lunarcamel for a much needed piece of pie and a way to get me out of the house. That pie was really great. :) Tomorrow is more keying! woo! I hope I'm not in the verification stuff again, that is like psychological warfare or some such.

I hope I can get things sorted in my head soon. I hate uncertainty, I need order in my life and right now...it's somewhat chaotic.

I would write more, but it's all a big jumble and wouldn't make any sense anyways, so instead, I leave you all hugs and good vibes and feel betters and whatever else you need. Now I'm just waiting for Vaash to come back home.


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