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10:09am 08/10/2005
Today is real first day of driving for pizza place. I thought last night would be it, but instead I had to make pizzas and do dishes and stuff. No big deal I guess. I don't make very good pizzas, need to smoosh the ingredients out towards the edges more. Anyways, people seem ok there. Most people, anyways. I'm just glad I get to drive today, it'll be nice to have some cash in my pocket.
My cold or whatever is progressing :( I'm still battling though.

I was going to go into data entry job this morning, but decided that sleep was a bit more important than extra hours. I'll just work some extra on Monday. I leave Thursday for Florida. Kind of excited. Yay!

Found out my uncle is being sent to NO for inspection work, which makes me wonder if I will still be able to get a job. That would be great if I could. But, that's all that's going on with my life right now, sorry if I'm not commenting or whatever, but I'm reading when I get the chance.

Ok, have to eat some brunch before work. :)
mood: busybusy
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06:21pm 08/10/2005 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Krav Maga
Having toppings hanging out around the center too much doesn't bother me much. What I hate is when you have toppings that aren't distributed very evenly from slice to slice--i.e., when you have one slice with a lot of green peppers but the next hardly has any. When that happens, I feel like throwing a tantrum and throwing toothpicks across the room.
picword: Krav Maga
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