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Still no phone service or power for the parents. Sucks donkey balls if you ask me. :)

Met Holly last night, she lived in Florida for a while and even went to FSU for a year (right before I got there). Nice girl, I liked her shoes. They were shiny death bringers. :) We discussed hurricanes and what not for a while then the conversation turned to dog baths and begging faces.

Met benlinus and Charlotte and Lisa at Plush and had a few beers flashed gang signs at each other, spoke about roller skating and watched Kathy Rivers and Peppo and some other group whose name I do not know, but the bassist was about 5 years old and the guitarist in the red shirt was "teh hawt." They played a couple of Floyd tunes which made me want to disrobe and do them all at the same time. I had to remind myself that this was not a bukkake club, but rather a nice music establishment for the more emo type crowd. They probably wouldn't appreciate that. ha ha ha

I had a good time though, it was nice to go and be amongst the people and the hippie chick dancing was amusement enough. Honestly, she just needed some flowers in her hair. There was a different chick dancing for the last band, but she didn't have a twirly skirt and it lost something in the translation. Interpretive dance majors are funny.

I finally work tonight, thank goodness. I think I'll be calling the temp agency on Monday to take the demonstrator job at the Costco up on Ina/Thornydale. I need to bring some money in for the next few weeks and this seems to be the only way. Since Jason's Deli isn't calling me to come and drive food around town for them. Who knew it would be so difficult to get a food delivery job.

Interview that was supposed to be today got moved to Tuesday, so keep your good job mojo juju thoughts going for me on Tuesday. I'll need it.

Oh, and don't bother watching Troy, just read the Iliad instead. plzkthxbye

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