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Washed, waxed and detailed the car yesterday with April's help. It looks awesome. :) I was pissed when I drove over this dusty road. Making my car all dirty again :( At least the inside is all kinds of clean though. (YOU DO NOT NEED APPLICATOR PADS APRIL)

Got home late to find Vaash running up to greet me. I think he was a little chilly. He didn't bother me at 3 in the morning like he usually does to go out. He waited until about 8 a.m. Which was ok, I had to get up for work anyways. I had to deliver to the same place twice because these guys can't get their shit together and order all at once. And they both were shitty tippers. $1 from one dude and $1.50 from another. First guy because his pizza crust wasn't "herbed" enough. Give me a fucking break, dude. It's not MY fault that someone can't read a ticket and brush some garlic butter on the crust and then sprinkle some oregano and cheese on it. Also, if you love crushed red pepper THAT much on your pizza, go buy some and have it on hand. Bunch of frat boy dickheads. You should see their "porch." The pile of beer boxes is about halfway up the 6' fence. It's ridiculous. What's really funny, is that their frat was the same frat as a friend of mine's ex-boyfriend. I didn't really like those guys either. :)

So, yeah, because the other driver didn't really feel like driving today, that was the only reason I made any freaking money. So freaking slow on Sunday. I hope Tuesday is better.

After work, changed my shirt and met up with some of my LJ peeps at the All Souls Procession down 4th Ave. It was absolutely wonderful. I detest parades for the most part, but this one...this one was really nice. I took about 30 pictures or so and I'll be uploading them soon. :)

I wasn't able to see lunarcamel's fire show because we headed for the bleachers. But the final fire show of the evening was really pretty. They set this huge urn on fire. Fire is cool. I like fire. :)

I am now completely exhausted and ready for bed, but I felt that I should tell you all about my fantabulous weekend :)


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