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(no subject)  
10:04pm 15/11/2005
Ok, so, I'm staying here for T-day. I think I am going to see Harry Potter that day and it will be the first show of the day, less chance of lots of people.

Anyone wanna go?
mood: exhaustedexhausted
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When Harry Potter Met Sally Jesse Raphael
04:52pm 16/11/2005 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Happy Times
solcell will be visiting me next week. If she's in the mood for a movie on el Día de Gracias, I'll see if she's interested in Harry Potter action.
picword: Happy Times
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(no subject)
04:55pm 16/11/2005 (UTC)
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Totally! I love Harry Potter!

Duh, now I get it... Dia de Gracias = Thanksgiving. Jeez, I am slow. I translated it as Day of Thanks and never made the connection. Going to get another cup of coffee now...
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