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Man oh man, what a day.

Had to stay late at warehouse, because it seems to come as a surprise to some of the assemblers that certain types of chassis need to go out everyday. I let them know the sun was going to come up tomorrow, you know, in case it was going to be a surprise. I was pissed. I didn't get my nap because of those fucktards.

Get to pizza joint and walked into a shitstorm. 8 deliveries on the screen, 3 were late. So, I haul ass out with 2 deliveries on the first shot. $20 tip from the first guy. I asked him twice if he was absolutely sure and he said yes. He was also drunk as all hell. I feel kind of guilty, but I'm sure it will pass. He just paid for me to develop the wedding pictures. Thanks drunk dude.

Rest of the night was just go go go go go go. WTF Tucson?? All of a sudden everyone needed a pizza. Then I find out that the dude who was supposed to close with me called out. *sigh* Thankfully another driver stayed late and helped out. The dish pile was massive. He handled those while I made boxes, swept, mopped and ran around like an asshole trying to do 80 things at once. I still didn't get out until midnight. *sigh*

I get to work at the warehouse in the morning. Then drop this camera off at the photo place. I have to take it to a "real" lab since the winding mechanism flaked out on me. I'll ask them if they know how to fix it, too. I'd hate to think another wedding roll of film was ruined because of a faulty camera (the first was because I'm a tool and didn't push the little button on the bottom). Then Cara will be showing me the routine for her kitty. I'll be watching him while she's away for Thanksgiving. I'll also be watching her cable :)

And, justjay you better have a good fucking time Saturday at the show. Give me a call on Sunday and let me know all about it :)

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