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(no subject)  
10:11pm 24/11/2005
Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with speranzosa this evening at the DeAnza Drive-In. $5 a person, way cheaper than the regular movies and you can take a picnic if you so choose. It was great. It's like watching a movie in your living room. You tune your radio to a certain station to listen to the movie. Just make sure you have a good battery for a movie the length of HP. :)

The concession stand was scary. Will bring my own things next time.

We may go see Rent there. It all depends on stuff.

I had a good day today doing absolutely nothing. YAY!

Talked to the family for a few hours by phone, they are all doing well.

I think I did so little today I wore myself out.

Night all.
mood: centeredcentered
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(no subject)
01:54pm 25/11/2005 (UTC)
Moses supozas, ke mia piedfingroj estas rozoj....
Drive-in concession stands have been deterioriating over the years. Last time we went the popcorn was super-stale (I'd guess over a week old). I guess they do much less business these days and can't afford fresh new foodstuffs.... It is sad, but we started taking our own popcorn....
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(no subject)
02:03pm 25/11/2005 (UTC)
Sign Here
Yeah, the imitation Twizzlers were sad, too. Good thing I was in good company! :D
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(no subject)
12:53am 27/11/2005 (UTC)

So, were the tips good on Friday?

We're home. I would've brought tortillas, but by the time we see each other, it'll be Thursday or Friday. :( (I'm heading up to Prescott/Phoenix on Monday and will be gone until Wednesday.)

I did get vanilla, though. I have one for you, if you want it.
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(no subject)
06:59am 27/11/2005 (UTC)
Friday was eh.
Glad you made it back ok. I didn't get a chance to get up there, I just did laundry here instead, since I had to work tonight for someone.

That's okay about tortillas, but vanilla sounds good. :)
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