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Thursday is such a day

Man, I'm sleepy. Lack of sleep is finally catching up.
Heather goes to therapy for her knee again tomorrow. Good luck to her. It's going to hurt like all hell.

I'm quite excited about my upcoming trip. I have some reservations about the use of my tax return to go on this trip, but on the other hand, what else am I going to do with the money? Pay bills? Well, yeah, that was a thought. But, I would rather create memories than pay off an evil credit card company. Besides, I need to do this before I put too many miles on my car and then won't be able to do such a thing as this anymore.

I started reading "Wicked, the true story of the wicked witch of the west" or something to that affect/effect (I can never remember which one, ahh public schools :) ) It's not too bad so far. Interesting, especially when I try to get the wizard of oz out of my head so that I can read this without prejudice. :)

For those of you who actually read what I write, I brought this up yesterday with some other people, and now I bring it to you.

Come up with your ultimate driving cd. Road trip driving or in-town, night or day, et cetera, whatever your preferences are.

Limit is 16 songs. I have to think about mine and when I think of it, I shall post it here and on the mailing list.

Okay, I have to get some work done before my trip next week. Wooooooo!! Can't wait!!

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