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I had Indian food for the first time tonight. YUM! It was shrimp and something else (beef? I don't remember). The sauce was wonderful. I have to be careful to make sure nothing has mangoes in it though. Damn mangoes. :)

speranzosa and I had a delightful chat while we ate. The garlicky pita/tortilla/bread was AWESOME as well. We may start expanding our Scrabble game nights to other games. I think we should all play Milles Borne or Rummikub. Trivial Pursuit is good, too. I need to start practicing for my audition with Jeopardy! soon.

I have to work tomorrow night and Saturday at the pizza place. I think this is the last weekend with the HAM. I think this week away from work has been good for me to wean myself off getting to see him all the time. *sniffle*

I really like just having the room lit with my little christmas tree. Ambience is awesome.

This morning was pretty funny when I got to work. One of the ladies said I looked like Santa Claus because of my red knitted cap. I think she thought I was offended because I said I'd grow a beard to complete the look. I was joking back with her. She apologized. It was funny. Anyways, I went in early to pack up a special job that is going to an outside company for plating work. I arrived just in time as they were just finishing the job they were working on and were going to start individually wrapping these parts. *whew*
I just had to wrap some cardboard around the stacking job and then saran wrap it all together. It sounds kind of weird when I explain it, but it's quite easy to do. I think their heads would have collectively exploded if they had had to tackle that job. I get to do it again tomorrow, too. woo!

My right hand is cold. Weird.

OK, ER is on and then I retire to bed. Yay!

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