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Had a great day out today. Met speranzosa, footnotefetish, jemesuisperdue and a whole bunch of other LJ users whose names I can't spell or remember at Himmel Park and played a little Scrabble, a little soccer and took a few pictures of Matt being Pele-like with the soccer ball. Then the four of us headed for the street fair. I managed to get a fairly good parking space and it was a nice little pleasant stroll around. I got a gift for someone and two gifts for myself (a tote bag with an Angry Mountain Red Squirrel on it and some cranberry scented hand cream). I also got a No More Deaths button for my green bag and a sign for the patio. Then we met up with lunarcamel at India Oven and shared a few dishes amongst each other. I ordered garbanzos with ginger. SO EFFING GOOD! The okra was good, too. We all had a great time and made plans for New Year's Eve at my place. WOO! PARTY! Pot luck affair with board games, Eddie Izzard and The History Channel.

My jury duty has been postponed until Tuesday of next week. Perhaps they will postpone it again or just excuse me all together. I hope that the excusing is the action for me. I would like to serve on a jury, but I can't afford the time yet.

Funny part of the evening was driving home and flipping through the stations coming across the R. Kelly song where he proclaims his love of feeling on a young woman's booty. That song cracks me up.


Oh, yeah, last night at work. Quite interesting. The water heater busted. *sigh* That meant actually scrubbing the dishes. What normally took one hour to clean took two hours to clean. Not to mention the 11:15 delivery I had to take because someone took an order at 10:45. grrr

Anyways, after cleaning we all hung out until about 2:45 in the morning at the bar. It was my last night with HAM. I did tell him I'd give him the ride of his life. Didn't seem interested in taking me up on the offer, although he did raise his eyebrows. heheheh I'm so bad. I had a good time getting to know some of my coworkers a little better and learning a little bit more about those who weren't there. gossip! :) All I know is, it was great to sleep in this morning, but bad that I was by myself. Then again, having popcorn for breakfast kind of made up for that. :)

Ok, off for bed, have to be at work early early in the morning.

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