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Oh, this was what I came home to today:

I saw Vaash as I turned the corner towards my building and I called to him. Instead he follows this other lady headed for her place across the street from me. I head over there and he's EATING HER CAT'S FOOD IN HER HOUSE!


So, he's been getting wet food after all. Apparently, he goes there to hang out a lot. She's pregnant and can't get him when he runs under the bed. I'll be getting him some wet food tomorrow so he'll stop eating her cat's food.

She said that he kind of hisses at her when she tries to pick him up when he goes for the food, but he didn't hiss when I did it. At least he knows who's the boss. Yeah, right. HE'S the boss.

damn cat

but he's so darn cute.

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