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(no subject)  
12:32am 17/12/2005
Oy fucking vey.

I heard some rumors about a second shift starting at the warehouse, and a need for a 2nd shift super for shipping. *ponders* What sucks about that is not having nights free anymore.

Of course, I'm still a temp, so the idea of me getting it is out of the question. HOWEVER...
If the current assistant supervisor of the 3rd Quadrant gets the 2nd shift job...I might get HIS job. *plots*

Yesterday was fucking funny at the warehouse, as the ASofTQ (see above) was shaking his butt most of the day. It amused me greatly. Today he said I was "flying my freak flag." Whatever that means. Just because I tell them dick jokes...

It's weird working the pizza job and HAM not being there. I keep expecting him to come out of the office. I think I've seen more of the manager in the past few days I've been working than since I started back in October. Or was it September? Anyways.

I realized something today while at work. I remember I was thinking of getting a part time job at UPS and was saying that I would get all buff and stuff lifting packages. Well, I'm not at UPS, but I wound up in shipping. I get to talk to the UPS guy most everyday, he's a nice dude. His name is Ed. Anyways, I think I'm getting buff, too. All this work and hardly eating is really starting to pay off. I can't wear jeans more than once without them starting to fall off me. I like that. I think this might be the kick in the pants to head back to the gym, which will be easier to do now that I have a schedule with weeknights free. Yay for me.

I had all kinds of thoughts while I was driving around tonight and of course, I never remember them.

I'll close with this amusing event I witnessed this evening:

I was driving down Country Club near Winterhaven (they were having hay rides and stuff to see the lights) and I hear from a passing car: HAPPY HANUKAH!

I about launched the car I was laughing so hard. I was on the phone with parilous at the time and she was wondering why I was laughing so hard. *That* was why.
mood: tiredtired
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(no subject)
06:11pm 17/12/2005 (UTC)
like slivers of lead inside your food...
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(no subject)
06:13pm 17/12/2005 (UTC)
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Well, this is just me, but I would say fuck the gym membership. If you're already getting buff and getting PAID for it at work, why spend the money to do it on your time off??!?
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(no subject)
08:20pm 17/12/2005 (UTC)
I already have a membership, I got it free when I signed the lease here originally. I think it's good until June, so I better start using it.
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(no subject)
03:42am 18/12/2005 (UTC)
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Ah, okay then. I am going to help lunarcamel move and get a free work-out that way. ;)
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