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(no subject)  
01:08am 18/12/2005
HAM was at work again tonight. Yeah. I also closed with the slowest dude in the world *sigh*

We were looking to get out early, but then two orders came in on opposite sides of town about 15 minutes before close. Bastards. If they had been anywhere near each other, then I would have just let dude take them and I would have finished the closing stuff. Instead we were there until midnight.

Helping lunarcamel move tomorrow. I will flex my muscles and move heavy shit. I also am bringing a pizza for lunch. Yay for free pizza! I love oops pizzas.

Yeah, that's my exciting update.
mood: tiredtired
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(no subject)
07:39pm 18/12/2005 (UTC)
Sign Here: christmas
Bummer, I'll miss you! But soon it will be xmas...
picword: christmas
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