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The jury saga continues...  
01:01pm 20/12/2005
so, went to lunch at Shot in the Dark cafe. Had the veggie burrito. Not too shabby. May be having tea this evening with zulunation yet another real life LJ friend. I'm such an LJ whore. Not as big a whore as footnotefetish mind you, but I think I may be catching up. At least I have him beat on usenet meetings. :)

Now they are showing mission impossible for our entertainment. I would prefer they show the Big Lebowski or something, but I guess nihilists aren't very popular in the county superior court. They should be making an announcement soon as to which of us get excused and which of us are going to jury selection. I'm keeping my fingers crossed from excused, although, if I get picked to go to selection, it would be funny if gonzolawyer was the public defender. I think that would excuse me. :) Or if lunarcamel was in the room for the plaintiff's case. Yeah. i can dream, right?

I talked to Heather while I was at lunch, her journey back to West Palm has been hellish to say the very least. Poor thing. She said she almost cried when she saw a Waffle House. Apparently, my uncle's house in St. Mark's has been ransacked and the house has been completely trashed. Ok, the baliff, Karen, is here for Judge Crookshanks (ooo ObHarryPotter). Have I been called? Let's wait and see...

Nope, not on that list. No idea if I have to wait around any longer. Waiting for more announcements.
mood: annoyedannoyed
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10:28pm 20/12/2005 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Happy Times
I've been doing so much LiveJournal whoring this year. I already need to update my "Relations with LiveJournalers" meme from this summer.
picword: Happy Times
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