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Ahh...lazy Wednesday. I have got to do something about the flies at the coffee shop. I don't know where they are coming from. I think as soon as we get the permanent plumbing installed things will start looking up. I just can't wait for that to happen, if/when it ever does.

He offered me a full time job there managing the cart. I think it's something I could enjoy. I told him to hang on until November or December to see if the cart can handle paying me a salary to be there. Right now it's S-L-O-W.

July is the worst month for any food service business, I think except for the Cheesecake Factory. I think they stay busy constantly. So, we'll see. My fulltime boss is thinking about making the description for this job a part time position. I told him to wait on that until I see what's going on with the coffee shop. I still might keep this job, but move to part time, because, even though it's sucky, it's also quick and easy. Which is nice to see something accomplished in so little time. But, it is also the fast road to nowhere.

Soon, soon it will all work itself out. Right now the only thing keeping me going is that I am getting out of Florida for two weeks. Yay for me. First road trip, by myself, first real vacation ever. First real PAID vacation. Ahhh...the firsts that occur later in life are almost as sweet as those accomplished at the beginning of your life.

I think my godson said "Mommy" last night. He missed his mommy, as she was at the grocery and I offered to stay and watch the kids so they could get it done faster and easier. No having to entertain two 8 month olds while you decide what kind of frozen meals and soda to get. Anyways, he was getting kind of whiny, and I was about to pick him up and he put his head in my leg (he's learning how to walk now) and whined, "My mommy." It was so sweet. Especially since all they've been saying is, "Hiiiii" and "Dada". Always "dada" first. Sucky. :)

They are the two things that keep me happy and sane right now. Most of everything I am doing right now is for them. So that they can have an awesome existence. As soon as they are able, I am thinking of getting to start doing some baby yoga. Should be fun :)

Okay, I've gone on long enough. Have to get *some* work done today.

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