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I think

that this may have been the most relaxed Christmas ever.

I didn't have to deal with family gatherings, small children (don't get me wrong, I love my cousins dearly, but sometimes...oof), family drama, etc. However, I also didn't get to see my family, but that's ok, I think I'll survive. :)

I showed up early to Char's to help cook and set up for VegXmas '05 and we joked around whilst cooking. Then we got into the vodka. I made a faux Sex on the Beach with raspberry vodka, peach schnapps and oj. It was tres yummy. I made Char's a little strong, so I let her make the rest of her drinks. Hey, I'm heavy handed, what can I say?

benlinus showed up first and made himself his own little drink while Char finished the last few dishes. There was only room enough for one person to cook at a time. I had a little bit of cookie while I waited for food to be done. If I daresay it, I think the vegan cookies I made turned out better now that I've tweaked the recipe a little further. Maple syrup and nutmeg = teh good. Then jemesuisperdue showed up and dinner was almost ready. Char's neighbor also made an appearance and brought some goat chevre which was fantastic. Yum!

We stuffed ourselves and played a few games until footnotefetish arrived. Then we pouted that he was there. Just kidding! We continued on the board game voyage and chatted until about 9 or so. I helped Char clean up and had a cup of tea to wind down the rest of the evening. Tres fabulous.

So, I called my Aunt Gloria the next day and she tells me that my mother and my Aunt Mary had a bit of a tiff. Apparently, Mary mentioned that I should just come home since I can't make it out here on my own. In the meantime, she's supporting her daughter in Miami while she's going to school (and not doing too well as it turns out). Please also keep in mind, that her daughter has been in college since graduating high school. We're talking almost six years...for a BA. Exactly.

So. My mom got all pissed off and walked out of the house. *sigh* If I had been there it would have been, "Why don't you just move home?"
"Because I don't want to."

That's why. I don't want to. I want away from you people. I love you to death, but you drive me batshit insane.

Anyways, tonight is chillin' and veggin' and just being. Sounds like a plan to me.

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