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As footnotefetish pointed out, he whomped on me TWICE at Scrabble. I can only assume it's because I used all my Scrabble juju while playing parilous while we waited for people to show up. That's ok, though. REMATCH THIS SATURDAY! BRING IT ON!

Of course, I'll probably be really drunk. I wonder if that will make me play better.

Anyways, I left the folks after much gaming festivities and headed for another LJ party with fermi_daza, benlinus and delete_the_star. Other people there may have had LJs, but I do not know their names. Anynoodle, it was a party for Jesus' birthday. Yep, we celebrated, just a couple of days late is all. I'm sure he doesn't mind. He got a confetti cake for crying out loud. I've never gotten a confetti cake. Anyways, much fun was had, but I had to leave early for I must work in the morning. *sigh*

In a way I'm glad they opened this week, but at the same time, dammit, it's cutting into my fun time! :)

Other things are flowing through my head, but I'm not sure if they are truly valid or just random musings. I'm sure things will move out quickly enough to be replaced by completely trivial aspects of my life. Yeah, I said it. Now I'm giving Vaash about ten more minutes before he's locked out for the night.

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