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Jesus fuck damn.


I have a headache from here to Calcutta. Work was hellish tonight. I mean, it wasn't all bad, we did finish early, but I stayed to help the server finish her sidework while she mopped up the restaurant. Crazy fucking night. *sigh* I missed out on about 4 deliveries because the day server up and left during the beginning of the rush. I got stuck working the counter while the other drivers whisked away on magical journies of pizza and breadsticks. Fuckers. ;)

The cooks got tipped out well tonight though, and that makes me happy. I didn't realize (because no one mentioned anything) that we are supposed to tip out to them. It makes sense, they answer the phones, cook the food and do the dishes when we aren't there to do them (dishes is a driver job, don't ask me, I have no idea why) and ring up customers during their free minutes (which aren't much). Anyways, they got some money tonight and that's a good thing.

I also emptied my stocking at work. Someone made stockings for all the current employees. I had no idea as I never go out into the restaurant part of the store. I got the coolest pen ever. It's inflatable. Yeah, inflatable. So fucking awesome!

Got to talk to Bobbie for a bit this afternoon instead of napping before work. She got shafted on her xmas bonus. Big fucking shock there. I feel so bad for her, but...she gets to leave that place in about six months. So that's the happy point. The light at the end of the tunnel. I hope she reaches it. Also Josh got a 1320 on the GRE. CONGRATS JOSH! They also enjoyed the superfriends holiday card I sent out. Yeah, they were awesome.

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering...I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE PARTY ON SATURDAY!

This is the first party I've ever hosted in my own home. So excited! I just know we shall all have a good time.

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