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I'm baaaaaaaaack

Egads. What a drive! Nothing like a week in a car to make you love not being in a car. I tell ya. So. Yeah, good time, good time, staying at scary places, eating at fun new places, meeting new and old friends again or for the first time. All good times.

So. Drive over, pretty uneventful. Fell in road love with a guy in an El Camino because he didn't have a/c and was still just jamming to his tunage in the middle of a hot Louisiana day in traffic jam hell. Rockin'.

Crossed the Mississippi River. FUCKING AMAZING. To be up so high on a bridge and just be over all that water. Up so high you have to pop your ears at the top because the pressure hurts so good. So, yeah, the river was wide and what not. Saw the USS Alabama. It's a big battleship. Very big. Then I had to go in the tunnel, so I didn't see it anymore. Mississippi is full of casinos. Yeah. Texas is just huge and has like 5 different climates. Weird shit. Long drive through there. Long drive. One stop on the way to get some gas. It was the only station for miles and miles. Charging up the yingyang for gas, but hey, the view was almost worth it. You could see for miles and miles (are you seeing a pattern here), mountains, hills, fields, tiny bubbles. The wind was dry and hot. It was right out of a movie. Just standing there taking in the scenery and the air. Made me wish I had had film with me. Ah well. Burned into my memory.

New Mexico gave me a speeding ticket, 85 in a 75. He just had nothing better to do is all it is. Then, praise allah, arizona loomed in the distance. Yay!!
Then people with bad directions loomed in the distance. You would think that people that live there would know which way to fucking turn. *sigh* I digress. After making it halfway to the former wedding site, I turned around and headed back for the hotel. Which I finally found, no thanks to the two people who gave me crap directions. Checked in. Had to go to the Saturn dealership. Cab ride back, cab ride back to the dealership, car good as new. Get in car, go chill at hotel, wait for phone call. Go to dinner, get Peace from airport, go for drinks, return to hotel, divebomb exhausted.

Sightsee, chill, go take care of some business, fastforward to Thursday. Have learned night before have to wait for extra person at airport. No problem. Problem. Can't find first person. Solved. Paged on overhead system, finds way downstairs. Yay! We go for a bit of lung pollution, return to wait for person #2. Yay! #2 on time and only has one bag checked.

Get to hotel. Disappear to party. No offense, should have stayed at hotel with buddies. :) Get back to hotel after party. Go to friend's room with two new friends who just got in and roommate, Peace. Peace gets frightened (I have since learned to just let the entertainment wash over me), goes back to room.

Wedding day. Witness police cars, CSI and coroner's van at hotel. See stretcher empty, then, disappears. Later reports: dead body. Start calling hotel, "Ramurder". Note to self: Never stay at a Ramada again.
Pick up flowers, drop Peace and flowers off at ceremony site. Take cake toppers to reception site, return to hotel for cleansing and dressing. Maids in the room when I arrive!!! Wait ten minutes, then kick them out. FUN! :) (Actually, they were just finishing up)
Get dressed, rush back to ceremony site. Get there with two minutes to spare. Watch ceremony, brush away tear of joy, take many many pictures. Get to hotel after ceremony, go to take out rewound film from camera. Oops. Exposed entire roll to bright Arizona daylight. Film is broken and ruined. I am upset. Comforted though by the knowledge that I can get copies of pics from professional photog at ceremony. Okay after that. Load new film into camera for reception. Change into shorts (too hot for pants, what was I thinking?)
Go to reception. Chill. Eat. Laugh. Give toast. Very nervewracking. Not very good either. Hope no one noticed. Go back to table, begin to teach Peace poker. Reception over, chase bride and groom out the door, clean hall of centerpieces and games and etc. Load car with gifts. Very full car. Very fun car (with all the gifts I mean). Take Peace to liquor store. She is now hanging out of the window saying, "woohoo" at various other drivers and pedestrians. Scared. Get to hotel, take tequila, mixer, Peace and water balloons to friends' room. Peace makes water balloons, proceed to drink 3 more margaritas, talk about tattoos and piercings, and then go to have balloon fight.

Saturday. Peace hungover, I'm fine. Walk to get brunch. Pizza place open. 8-10 year old basketball players receiving awards, did not listen to first instinct (to run away) stayed and had ears rewarded with loud yells and whoops. Ran away after brunch. Return to hotel. Take nap. Friends go to many record stores. I knew that I would not be any fun after the 2nd store, so I saved them the hell. :)

Get up, get ready for party. Get to party. Have fun at party. Talk a lot. Go pick up other friend from work. One of the few sober people able to drive. :)

Get back to hotel. Go pass out. Wake up the next day. Leave around noon. Sad. Cry about five hours later in car listening to "Moondance". Then hear different song on the radio, begin to laugh. Feel a bit better. Stay at depressing hotel. Monday, drive to other end of Texas, stay in extremely scary hotel. Not receiving much sleep, get up Tuesday, stop in Tallahassee, stay in stinky hotel with whirlpool bath. Use bubble bath given as "helping" gift. Love it. Wish had more for that particular time. Go to bed. Wake up early again. Get home. Exhausted. Back and neck sore.

I wish I could have stayed for another month or so. With everyone there, I wish everyone could have stayed. April and Chris I am very happy you two are together and it was indeed a beautiful ceremony. :)

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