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Missing Water Bottle Mystery, SOLVED!

Solved the mystery. It seems whilst I was out mucking about with the ER admitting people, there was a cleaning guy in my office, let in by the security guard. He was the one who threw the bottle away, he thought that someone had left it from last night, so he was worried about contamination or some such, so he threw it out. Good thing he didn't wipe the desk down, he would have thrown out my nose ring! :)

Also, I am back from the foot doctor. I have two bloody toes, but they are numb right now. I go back tomorrow to have the dressing changed, and then I go back in two weeks (on my birthday 8/22) to get my final answer on the procedure. If it was a success or not. I hope it was, because there was a lot of blood. I don't think I'll have any left to give if the Bloodmobile comes back next week. Ah well, they will just have to wait. So, that's the toe update, more tomorrow. :
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