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I so have not cleaned.

I defeated Costco. In and out in less than 30 minutes. HELL YEAH!

Something I typed to Bobbie earlier today (and then told speranzosa):

"Dear people in my apartment complex,

I can appreciate that you need to have sex and I'm glad that you are, at least someone around here is. However, PLEASE SHUT THE WINDOW DURING INTERCOURSE.

Thank you,

Your annoyed neighbor"

Trained a new driver tonight, that was fun. It was a nice change having someone to talk to while I was out on delivery. Hung out with HAM and closing guy. Damn HAM for being all chatty cathy tonight. There was a funny moment though, he rushed over to me and asked, "Do you know the song Doo Doo Brown?"
"Um, hell yeah, that was my jam back in the day."
"This guy drove by earlier tonight blasting Doo Doo Brown and was singing along loudly with it."

Yeah, that was funny.

Ok, I think I need to get some sleep and then I can clean and get the rest of the party supplies and then...party like it's 2005. :)

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