LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

So, back in hell. Fun times, eh?

I still hadn't received the Eddie Izzard dvd that I had ordered, so I emailed the fucker, oh, guess what, I get my money back, so, that's something at least. I ordered it again from a different website, should be arriving sometime in the next year.

So, I get home to no clean dishes, every single one is sitting in the sink. My poor cat needs to have her litter box changed and random cups and plates in my room that *I* didn't leave there. I have got to get the fuck out of this hellhole. Luckily, I get a quasibreak from them as I am housesitting for my aunt and uncle while they go to Hawaii. So, I won't have to argue over what to watch on television, or just leaving the damn thing off or whatever. Oh, yeah, sleeping beauty has finally decided to awaken (my mother has the day off today, and is choosing to just sleep all day instead of perhaps keeping her humble abode clean. My father is no help in this cause either. Grrrrrrr)

So, I'm gonna go get some breakfast and see if I can get back to functioning on a normal pattern again. I wish I didn't have to come back here. Grrr..

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