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So, something is wonky with my analog camera :(

All those shots I took of footnotefetish didn't even take OR the christmas pictures :( The shots from the desert DID come out and speranzosa will be happy to see that the cactus diddling itself did indeed get photographed by my super duper camera.

I also was pulled aside today because it seems that peruvian dude thinks that buttrubbing dude and I don't do any work and that he's doing it all. He really pissed the supervisor off because he went over his head. He'll be transferring to another department by the end of the week. *rolls eyes*

Last night I got nuclear freaking salsa. See what happens when don't ask for hot salsa in spanish. *sigh* My butt is STILL in agony. It'll be ok though.

I need to get some laundry done tonight. Just one or two loads so I can have some clean jeans to wear.

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