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See, yesterday was a 10 hour day at the warehouse. We finished packing up the first part of the initial order for some rocket launchers. Yes, rocket launchers. Now, I dislike guns. Well, really, I dislike morons with guns. But, I was holding the rear housing of the launcher and was like, "This feels kinda cool." Aside from the poor design of the trigger guard that is. I can only hope the soldiers have good gloves so that it doesn't rub the skin too raw. Apparently, this gun/launcher thingie is supposed to have little to no recoil. I'm kind of interested in the mechanics of this.

Anyways, so I had to stay until 5:30 to get everything packed up and ready to be driven to the FedEx air terminal down near the airport here in Tucson. Oy vey. It was a madhouse yesterday afternoon. We had four or five people from other departments helping us ship the gun parts and the other daily items that we have to ship every day. Crazy crazy.

Since I stayed so late, I didn't get my nap, but luckily I had the forethought to bring my pizza uniform with me. So, I changed at the warehouse and drove on to work where I had another six hours of work ahead of me. It was a pretty good night. Saw HAM for about five minutes. He still owes me $20. Vomit manager asked me what I thought of his performance last Sunday. I deflected the question and asked if he had washed the driver's sweater yet. He borrowed a sweater from one of the drivers Sunday night. He said he was going to wash it, but hadn't yet. Poor driver's sweater. I then asked him if he drove home and he said that he did, but he only lives like four blocks away. I asked why he didn't just stumble home like everyone else on 4th and he just shrugged. *shakes head*

Then I headed to the Shelter to meet up with all kinds of LJ peeps. We sang Mr. Bigg and discussed the merits of death metal, hair metal and Warrant. I forgot to ask who would win in a fight: Gwar or Megadeath? Answer in less than 100 words. KTHXBYE.

Got home about 2:45 and stupidly fired up the laptop. Checked my email and LJ and then finally tumbled into bed. I was going to try for work about 8 this morning. I made it in around 11. Stayed for an hour, grumbled about coworkers and then came home. Now I'm debating the merits of a nap even though I've only been up for about 3 hours. But, hey, I need to be fresh for tomorrow when I go to Phoenix. IKEA awaits and only shows the good deals to the chosen few.

I was feeling a bit navelgazer last night while driving around and was thinking about stuff and remembered something about my old neighbor that I forgot to mention. She LOVED refrigerator magnets. Alice Cooper brought this to my attention. That sounds odd, let me explain. He was talking about refrigerator magnets for whatever reason (he's the nighttime dj on the local classic rock station) and was saying that there are these huge stores that only sell refrigerator magnets. Then I thought about Barbara and remembered some of the really cool ones that she had. Including the Arizona magnet I got for her when I first came out here 3 years ago and the one from New York (it was a carousel horse) when I went for Heather's wedding oh so many years ago. Yeah, that was one of the fun things about going to her house, checking out the refrigerator for any new additions :)

I also began thinking about the whole two jobs thing. There is probably going to be an opportunity for mucho overtime in the next few months. I may take a break (a sabbatical if you will) from delivery driving to earn extra OT at the warehouse. I think I'll keep the delivery job through February (since it's a short month, I'm gonna need all the help I can get with bills) and then maybe take March off. We'll have to see. I mean, I'm already gonna miss the Superbowl because of work, the least I can do is be there for Char for March Madness. :)

Anyways, I gotta check the books and see what's up with the finances. I haven't balanced my checkbook since October. Luckily, I kept all the bank statements. I also need to get my car registered here. I'm starting to get really nervous every time I see a cop. It's not good. Especially since benlinus mentioned it last night. THANKS FOR MAKING ME A TARGET. THE UNIVERSE HEARD YOU! :D

Ok, I think I should stop typing now, I've been rambling for a bit, but I really wanted to tell everyone about the rocket launchers. I'm wondering if maybe I should go take shooting lessons or something. Just to learn more about how guns work. I know the basics, but it would be good to know more for when the revolution comes.

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