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Clifford the Smug Bad Juju Havin' Buttknocker

Today has been quite a day I tell ya. Where to begin? How about the beginning? Excellent.

Left the house this morning and headed up towards April's for our trip to Tempe/Phoenix for my Jeopardy! audition/tryout/thingie. We missed our exit, stopped, got a map, turned around and made it just in the knick of time. On the way over, April got into a severe laughing fit and almost died of suffocation she was laughing so hard. She wanted to drive fairly fast through the "traffic calming" area thereby negating the purpose of said "traffic calming". I was too busy trying to figure out if we needed to make a left or a right on Camelback road. Anyways, I was dropped off at the main lobby of the hotel only to find out I had to backtrack and RUN to another building for the auditions. Me and one other guy got there just as the doors were open and we were all shuffling in.

This is where the title character comes in. Clifford was a sour man. Slightly obese and a sloppy dresser. In the emails we received regarding the auditions, they told us to come dressed as we would for a taping of the show. I can't imagine why he decided to wear such hideous clothing in such a messy manner. But, hey, we can't all be Coco Chanel (one of the questions to the answers, I'll have you know). So, fine, guy doesn't dress well. Unfortunately, he had the personality to match. He reminded me of a heckler. Instead of heckling the act on stage, he was heckling the audience and bemoaning the inability to follow simple directions. Let's face it folks, we get in a room with more than ten other people and we become slobbering morons. Right, so I got to listen to Mr. Poopypants be all negative nancy and I think this is where the bad juju comes in. I mean, I wasn't nervous during any of it, but I think he just sent out his negative energy and it settled upon me thereby giving him *MY* good juju. Why do I say this? He passed the test. And he had this smug look on his face when they announced his name. Buttknocker.

So, I got a picture with a member of the Clue Crew, Jimmy McGuire, on my way out the door. He was very friendly and had no problem posing with me. I'll post pics later, I'm too lazy to go get the camera right now. I called April and she picked me up and we headed (at a much more leisurely pace) to Costco Home and IKEA. I <3 IKEA. 'Nuff said. Swedish meatballs, lingonberry drink, ginger cookies and Swedish coffee. mmmm. I got some new candles and picture frames, too. Yay! Then we headed back to Marana and watched The Office. I left April and headed to Brian's to play Spanish tutor and we got his homework done. Have to work on the rhythm of the speech though. His pronunciation isn't *too* bad, but there is always room for improvement. This tutoring is probably going to be good for me, too, so I can remind myself of some of the basic rules. Maybe I'll finally learn about direct and indirect objects. Those always fucked me up.

So, now I'm home, having pulled Vaash from the arms of the neighbors. *sigh* I think he needs a new home. Where someone is home way more often than I am. Vera seems to be able to handle the alone time, but he needs more human contact. I can't have him be a burden on the neighbors. Time to start the search for a new place.

anyone want a really groovy emo kitty who is into iron maiden?

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