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gems, minerals and spirits, oh my!

I could NOT sleep Friday night. speranzosa blamed Mars when I told her about my issues Friday night. I figure that's as good an excuse as anything. Vaash woke me up in the worst way Saturday morning by yowling like he was injured or being chased or something. No, he was just yowling. Fucker. So, I got up at 6:30 Saturday morning after maybe a grand total of three hours of sleep. As I'm putting on my shoes, Vaash shows back up at the sliding glass door and wants in. I let him in and check him out. He's fine. :|

So, head to the warehouse to help pack up the rocket launcher parts that are supposed to be done and out by 11 a.m. I didn't leave until 12:30 p.m. Stupid morons. The assemblers pissed me off because they were just standing around after the brought the final part of the order down with their thumbs up their asses. Dipwads. I also got a little bit irked with this one woman who works up in the front office because she was saying the most idiotic things. "I enjoy manual labor. I could probably work back here."

Uh, yeah right. Funnily enough, when the final part of the order came down, she was nowhere to be found. Manual labor my ass. I think what irked me the most was that I was kind of like that when all I did was work in an office. Manual labor is no fucking fun. I mean, yeah, I'm reaping the benefits of the constant workouts I'm getting everyday. I'm also reaping the benefits of sore hips, lower back and feet. The charley horse I had Thursday night was REALLY FUCKING FUN. *cough* Ahem. Oh yeah, and working in a concrete warehouse with no fucking insulation or heat is even more fun. Especially when you are trying to not get sick.

I digress, so, I got home and parilous had formulated a plan to wrangle everyone for the gem and mineral show. I'm glad I didn't have to wrangle. I'm tired of wrangling. It's exhausting. We met up at her office and I let her drive. I was braindead. I was also quite amusing with my announcements of how hot it was even though it was 62 degrees out. Stupid sun. :)

We wandered around the show and I got a little something for speranzosa and myself and a rockin' coffee drink. Red-eye. 2 shots of espresso in a cup of coffee. I was in caffeine heaven. I needed it. Then we decided to go get a drink and wait to hear about dinner outing with a whole bunch of other LJ people, but I decided that that was too much wrangling and that we should just stay at the Red Garter and eat and drink and be merry. We stayed for about four hours and then decided to get going. I had to wrangle Vaash so he wouldn't be out for the night harassing the neighbors. Then, as we were at parilous's office, her coworker pulled up and we went to Chuy's for more drinks and hanging out.

It might seem odd that I'm talking about not having energy, but what I'm really talking about here is mental energy. I didn't have the capacity yesterday.

Anyways, I got home a little after 1 a.m. and passed out. Finally, sleep. I had a weird dream, but I don't remember it now. I was awakened about 10:15 a.m. (I mean, I was awake, but just in and out of sleep) by a call from pizza place to see if I could work the morning shift instead of my night shift. The morning driver's windshield had been smashed the night before. Poor kid. So, I got work out of the way early. That was awesome. Then I headed for Target, spent too much money and am now almost done with laundry, which is awesome. Granted, it's not ALL of the laundry, but it's a good start.

I <3 Maker's Mark.

I <3 all of you.


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