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(no subject)  
06:28pm 30/01/2006
i can't breathe right. only one nostril works. i dislike being sick.

ok, going to rest now.

heheheheh...someone's using the shopping cart that I left by the laundry room last night. Which was left near my apartment Saturday. I used it to cart the laundry to the room because there was so much of it. :)

yeah ok

i got nothing.
mood: not breathingnot breathing
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(no subject)
01:46am 31/01/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Killer Moth
Ah, that reminds me that I need to take some astragalus tonight. I'm doping up my immune system since so many people have been sick lately.

I hope you feel better soon. We'll eat plenty of ginger and garlic to get you better. See you tomorrow!
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(no subject)
06:16pm 31/01/2006 (UTC)
gazing at the stars and listening to the waltz
I'm sick too, shit sucks. Everyone at work is also either 1. here and sick or 2. home and sick. Guess it's going around.
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(no subject)
01:51am 01/02/2006 (UTC)
Awww I hope you get better soon. I hate that whole one nostril deal becaues then at night you have to keep turning to the other side so the one side drains and you get like 5 seconds of clear breathing in between. Or is that just me?

That cart has been going around for awhile now! It used to be over here by my side. I think the whole complex is just sharing it now. lol!
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(no subject)
03:07am 01/02/2006 (UTC)
it's the community cart! :)

It's not just you, but I usually get a good nose blow in when it's equalized over both sinuses. Yeah, this is my excitement when I'm sick, a good nose blow.
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(no subject)
02:07am 02/02/2006 (UTC)
Hey whatever works!
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