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Try playing this when you have nothing better to do for about ohhhhh...three hours? Yeah, because you are going to try and make it to 2 minutes. I've gotten 25 seconds so far.

No HAM tonight, I think he only comes in on Wednesdays when Creepy Manager isn't working. CM charges him for his beers. We got out hella early thanks to a slow night. I made shit for tips and it was hardly worth the time going in. At least I got lunch for tomorrow though, which I should put in the fridge. I forgot when I got home. Oops.

My schedule is the same for next week, all weekend long. *sigh* I ran it by CM if VM (vomit manager) would get in a tiffy if I asked for March off.

"All of March?"
"Because I need to rest."
"Hmm...I don't know. You'd have to see."

Yeah, so, we'll see. I need to take a little time for myself so I can see about getting some finance help with getting a place of my own. I also need time to look for a place. I dunno. I hate when things aren't lined up. Organizing is such a pain in the ass.

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