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(no subject)  
02:23pm 11/02/2006
I was gonna do some laundry today before work, but have decided it can wait until tomorrow morning. My oil is changed, my hunger is sated and I'm going to take a nap before work tonight. Maybe I can actually show up on time tonight. Especially if corporate is there.

Have to make a good impression so I can turn them down when they offer me VM's job. ha ha ha

Oh, and uh, there was a lot of smoke around my area of town. Anyone have any ideas what was on fire?

Oh yeah, and not drinking coffee today = massive headache starting.

Headed for a coffee shop before work to get my caffeine addiction on.

yeah daddy
mood: blerghblergh
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(no subject)
05:14am 12/02/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Killer Moth
Why aren't you drinking your coffee? Headaches are bad for you.
picword: Killer Moth
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(no subject)
08:51am 12/02/2006 (UTC)
I wanted to get to work "on time". There really isn't a set time on Saturday, but I didn't want to delay my arrival by stopping for some java.

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