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Random rantings

So, I was reading the paper today at work, which I will say is usually a very attainable goal, but today was actually busy (at the coffee shop that is).
After trashing all the pieces that were of no interest to me (real estate weekend pretty much is the only piece as I even read the classifieds religiously), I placed the paper in the order I wanted to read it and then commenced reading. Ten to thirty minutes later, I finally make it to the letters to the editor section. Inside is a letter referring to an opinion piece that had run last month regarding homosexuals and legal marriage. The letter was written by a Catholic priest from a local church (obviously local, it's the local paper! :) )

I think this is only the second time that something in the paper has actually really pissed me off. He, of course, did the usual speak of Leviticus and Corinthians and how sleeping with another man is evil and an abomination, etc. He then proceeded to say that making gay/homosexual/whathaveyou marriage legal is against Christian tradition and therefore should not be done. So, I'm just wondering...did that whole separation of church and state thing get overturned when I wasn't looking? I surely didn't get the memo about that.

I am not so naive to think that religion has NEVER played a part in the creation of laws and such, however, for something that didn't even start as a really religious institution (at least not in this country, as far as the American Indians go at least) :) what part should religion really play in the creation of equal rights for everyone.

Sure, during the civil rights movement, those involved called on God for guidance and strength, but that's a bit different than calling on God to defend your prejudices against those who are different from you. Yes, yes, what about all the people who used God for those purposes in the past...simply put - "They Suck".

So, my message to the ultra-conservative Catholic priest, get over yourself. If the Catholic church decides not to recognize same-sex marriage through the eyes of your God, then so be it. No one said you had to marry them in your church. What you say is legal in the eyes of God is much different than what is legal in the eyes of the law.

So, cheers to those who support same-sex unions and boos to those whose only argument against it is "God doesn't like it". I just want you to notice that I didn't say "Boo to those who don't like it." If I can hear a REAL argument other than the religious one, then I will totally respect that opinion and agree to disagree. Anyways, if God didn't like it, he wouldn't have made people the way they are. If this is your God, then it makes me glad that I don't believe in that particular incarnation.

Oh, and then at the end of the letter he made comment on the Episcopalian (sp?) and Anglican churches and their recent appointment of an openly gay bishop. He says that this is contributing to their decline in membership in their churches. It probably has NOTHING to do with the fact that many people are moving away from standard religion and going more towards Unitarian/Interfaith/GroovyGodTunes churches.

Anynoodle, so that was my rant. Not a great one, but it saved me from having to write angry letters to the editor where I'll probably become known as that crazy person who has nothing better to do than write letters to the editor about letters to the editor. I'll probably write something up later that has nothing to do with anything in particular, because, dammit, I can do that.

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