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(no subject)  
10:48pm 12/02/2006
I got to watch the moon rise tonight. I had a close delivery (about 3 blocks away, seriously people..walk!) and so I parked on 2nd St and 4th Ave and watched the moon for a few minutes. I tried to get a good shot with my camera phone, but there were too many car lights going by for me to get a good picture. So, I just sat and watched. Then I was approached by a couple of gutter punks who wanted to bum a smoke. The only reason I gave them some was because they called me "ma'am" and not "sir". Score one for the home team. That made me feel a little better. I was having a short, ugly day. I hate my pizza uniform. The shirt is getting a little too big, which is good, but really makes me look terrible. And it's purple for crying out loud!

That is a big plus about delivery driving. You get to watch the sky change at night. Otherwise, I'd just be cooped up in the house since I lack the initiative to actually go out and do something. This is gonna be my first week of no working nights during the week (just Friday and Saturday) and I am wondering what I am gonna do to fill the void. Tomorrow night is making cookies. I'll be making a triple batch to give to friends and I'm taking some to work for Tuesday. The Bosnian lady is bringing in stuffed cabbage. I hope it's good. I'm not a big cabbage fan, but I'll give it a shot. I mean, I did try anchovies about a month ago.

Need to hook up with lunarcamel to get her pictures online and get my camera back. That's one night this week. And tutoring benlinus in math and possibly español as well. So there is another night. I also need to start going to the gym again. I need to lift weights. I'm entirely too weak. That was discovered yesterday when I was helping buttrubber put boxes away. Those fuckers are heavy. I also want to try and speed up the weight loss I've been having lately. Since I won't be working so much, my eating is gonna go back up. It's amazing how much you don't notice you are hungry when you are running around taking other hungry people their food. :)

And I think the workouts will help with smoking cessation. Now that most of the people I hang with are nonsmokers it'll be even easier to quit. It's just gonna take some time is all. But, I think I can do it. Of course, the downside of delivery driving is that you are alone a lot with your thoughts. And this one thought has been nagging me: why can't I find someone to be with? I mean, I'm a cool person. I do fun things, I know how to strip speaker wire and change a tire. I watch football and drink beer. I like to do creative things like photography and painting. I like movies and concerts and just sitting around and reading or doing the crossword. What is it about me that makes dudes afraid to approach?

Is it the self suffiency? Is it the brusque manner that I have? Yeah, I can be bossy and pushy, but that is usually because I'm used to being the one who makes decisions. I'm happy to let someone else take over the wheel and drive. I wouldn't mind sitting the backseat and watching the scenery go by. It's a nice change.

Gah, I didn't mean for this to get all whiny. It was mainly supposed to be about how cool it was to watch the moon rise and how novel it will be to have a few nights off in a row. Maybe I just need some sleep. So, I shall bid you all bon soir and buenas noches.
mood: contemplativecontemplative
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(no subject)
09:04am 13/02/2006 (UTC)
The Valhalla Road Crematorium
Maybe you need to be bossy and take over the wheel and drive, so to speak. Otherwise guys may not always be upfront. Who knows, HAM is probably all silentpants.
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(no subject)
12:28am 14/02/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here
Nah, you're not being whiny. Just contemplative. It was probably the hooking up with lunarcamel that started that train of thought! ;)

I don't get your icon. Am I dense, or is this a cultural reference that I don't have?
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(no subject)
12:37am 14/02/2006 (UTC)
LocaKitty: Eddie Izzard Cake or Death
it's a radiohead video as acted by emoticons.

picword: Eddie Izzard Cake or Death
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