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I am an utter failure at showerhead removal.


benlinus I will need your assistance with this one. Dammit.

I can't get the wrench to get a good enough grip on the piece. I wonder if I should have gone with the 10" wrench instead of the 8". fermi_daza was nice enough to get me a little tool set that had a wrench and some vise grips, but they weren't quite big enough to get around the piece I need to unscrew.

I wonder if the complex glued it on. Bastards. I wouldn't put it past them.

I wandered around Target for a bit. They were having pretty good clearance stuff, but the sheets that were actually interesting to me were not on sale. Maybe later. I did get Uncle Buck for $5.50 though. I love that movie. Then I headed to Barnes and Noble. I got a book of crossword puzzles. There may be stalking on Wednesday night. :) Well, I *do* have to get my paycheck and see what time I have to be in on Friday. *whistles innocently*

Off to shower with my OLD showerhead. Dammit all to hell and Phoenix.

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