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Before I forget  
09:42pm 20/02/2006
This is hilarious. I was talking to Buttrubber at work today and was telling him about how our boss keeps saying to me (not too often, but just enough it makes me wonder what he's thinking) that BR and I are "great buddies". And he says it with this sarcastic tone, like we are wandering off to the other building to have a quickie or something.

So, I came up with an idea. I told BR to bring in an extra hat (he always wears a hat to work) and give it to me. I'll just leave it in the car overnight or whatever, and then the next day I'll bring it back in and make a bit of a production (not a huge one, but will do this in front of our boss) and say, "Here, you forgot this last night."

This is gonna be hilarious.
mood: amusedamused
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01:55pm 25/02/2006 (UTC)
You need to update this to talk about your t-shirt plan...
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04:26pm 25/02/2006 (UTC)
i need to update in general :)
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