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1) I should not have driven home
2) I had a really nice time tonight
3) People met the HAM and saw the HAM and now know that he is not a figment of my imagination, but is a really hot dude
4) I almost got him to come out with us to Plush, but he was a bit tired (working too much) and beer was free where he was
5) 6 pints of beer is a lot
6) 2 slices of pizza is not a lot
7) I have met awesome people here
8) I have a brunch date with yet another awesome person in the morning
9) I may be making progress with the HAM, we have a crossword puzzle "date" tomorrow night
10) Will Shortz is bringing us closer together
11) I'm listening to Trent's old band Option 30 sing Der Kommisar
12) Vaash is driving me to drink
13) Oh wait, I was already drinking
14) I ordered a nice frame and picked out pictures as a wedding gift for my friend Sarah who is getting married in 2 weeks
15) I should shave my legs
16) I have a new showerhead courtesy of benlinus Thanks buddy!
17) I owe some quality time to carazona we'll have to get together some time this week for an early dinner or a walk
18) I feel fairly happy for the first time in a while
19) I really hope this job I'm applying for doesn't do a hair test
20) I'm going to sleep this off, but what's scary is that if I had beer in the house, I would drink it.

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