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Ok, so, boss didn't say anything regarding the t-shirt switch.

Oh wait, I should back up.

Remember I said that ButtRubber (BR) and I were going to play a joke on the supervisor with me handing BR a hat of his and saying, "here, you left this." We decided to go a step further. We decided to switch shirts.

So, Tuesday we strolled into work...TOGETHER!...wearing the other's shirt. Bossman noticed, but he never said a word. However, he couldn't look at me for FOUR hours. He found ways to not look me in the face by keeping his head down or focused on his computer screen. But, he seemed to pal around fine with BR. Double standard much?

So, we need to maybe do the hat thing now. I think that is gonna be the next good step in the BR/me affair that doesn't really exist. :)

I got a skirt for Saturday. I think a top that I have will work with it. I tried on a few things at Torrid, but nothing that struck my fancy or looked that good. Although, I am beginning to see a few more attractive features of my body. It's only taken a couple of decades, but I'm finally focusing more on the positive.

I just gotta run to Target tomorrow for fishnets and maybe a new pair of shoes. I'll try on the outfit before I go so I can get a better idea of what will accessorize with it.

I can't believe I'm going to be wearing a skirt. That is so hardcore :)

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