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Going to Naples this weekend for my birthday. Should be fun times. I have a feeling that one of the kids at work is going to try and pull a "I can't work this weekend" stunt. However, I shall be three hours away, so I will be of absolutely no assistance, should have thought about your plans before you got a job.

This is pure speculation at the moment. Just rumors, grapevine, you get the idea. Thursday is free coffee day :( I hate free coffee day, it's just total bedlam. And lots of complaints.

But, that's okay. Friday will be here soon, leaving town will be here soon. Away from the cares of this world will be here soon. Ok.

Why is that when you try to do something that you feel will be beneficial, people try to hold you back and keep you down? One of the guys at work that I am friendly with is doing this such thing. I mentioned that I was thinking of moving to Arizona and we had a half hour argument about why I shouldn't go and what was I running away from and I could do whatever I wanted to here, etc etc.

Just let me do my own thing and let me move on with my life, you don't pay my bills buddy. Ah well, okay, I just wanted to get that off my chest. :)


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