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Voice Post: OMG SQUEE!

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“Much much mucho props to parilous and sleepvoid for attending with me the first property showing that I've gone to in my entire life (for my own puposes) and for being there when I signed the papers to make an offer on a condo -- the very first place I looked at, I fell in love with it; it's absolutely gorgeous! So I will find out Monday around 2pm whether or not the seller has accepted my offer of buying the property.

I'm about to poop my pants, I think. I'm glad they could be there with me whilst I pooped my pants and also giving me the most awesome ginger and green tea creme brulee I've ever -- well, okay, I haven't eaten other ginger and green tea creme brulees, but I have to say this is probpably the best one that there is and it's at Claim Jumpers, so if there is one near you please go try it; it's awesome. Parilous would like to bathe in it; I wanted to marry it -- this is how good this dessert was, but I digress.

I am really f'ing excited and I am rambling, because that is what I do when I am excited. I am *scared shitless*, but in a good way. It's kind of like being on a ride at Disneyworld. The Tower of Terror. It was fun, but scary as all-fuck.

And... yeah -- You shouldn't listen to this if there are small children in the room because I just used a lot of curse words and expletives and whatnot. And I'm going to go because people on dialup are probably not going to be able to download this. Thanks for listening to me ramble.”

Transcribed by: parilous

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