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(no subject)  
10:11am 19/03/2006
So, I went into the warehouse Saturday morning. Got there about 8, but wait...let me back up a bit.

I was only supposed to work until 11 on Friday night. I swear to FSM that the longer I work at the pizza place the more like Clerks it becomes. "I wasn't even supposed to work today." type stuff. *sigh* Anyways, I helped the other driver close, for the low low price of $20. Yeah, that's right. Well, he offered it, and I offered to do it for $10, but he insisted on $20. Just as well, I did most of the work. Anyways, so I got home about 1:30 and fell right to sleep. I had been at the warehouse that morning from 6:30-4:15. GAH!

At least I got to see HAM. :)

So, Saturday morning, got up early (thanks, Vaash) and headed for the warehouse. Talked on the phone with Brandi on the way. The kids are doing well, so that's good. Told her about the house and her mom was all, "Wait, you are buying a place WITHOUT a washer and dryer??" *sigh* Some people just aren't ever happy :)

After working for about 4 hours, headed to lunch with BR at the Taco Bron. He'd never been before. I bought lunch because he showed up to work. He was supposed to go to Phoenix with his g/f to take back her kid to the airport. Then he changed his mind. I'd like to think it was the power of my boobs that made him decide to come to work. Doesn't mean it has to be true. ha ha ha.

So, lunch was good and I had already traded out my shift for Saturday night, so I was all set to go to a party and get heavily intoxicated. Laid down about 3 for a 2 hour nap. Woke up at 11 p.m. Oops.

Still, got up, headed to the party, hung out for a few hours then drove back. No heavy intoxication acheived. Probably for the best. I'll save that for the housewarming party (if/when it happens). I fell right back to sleep last night when I got home. Vaash was curled up next to me to warm up since he'd been out all night long. Vera was on the other side of my legs curled up to get warmth as well, but she had been in all night. Such crazy kitties.

Now, I am drinking coffee and awaiting my brunch buddies before I begin to gorge myself on potatoes or waffles or eggs or something. I still don't know what I want to eat yet. I'll figure it out soon, though.

:D :D :D :D
mood: breakfast-ybreakfast-y
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(no subject)
03:01am 20/03/2006 (UTC)
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It was so nice to see you again! I know you've been working like crazy!
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