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Housing inspection today. Dang. $235.

Six reversed polarity outlets. Needs new water heater (current one is from 1980). GFCI outlet recommended for the kitchen (near the sink). Moisture damage in the bathroom (by the sink, which I already knew about and commented on). Paint peeling on ceiling near dining room fixture is from water damage, possibly from leaking roof. Drywall cracks (easily repaired with all purpose joint compound and drywall tape) in two places (that I noticed so far). New weatherstripping for back door. Cord clamp for garbage disposal.

Otherwise, things are looking pretty good. I am wanting to ask for a new water heater and to get the wall fixed in the bathroom. I want to find out if the paint peeling thing is something that had already been fully repaired or just patched up. If it wasn't fully repaired, well, I'll tackle that when I get to it. I know how to do drywall stuff, so that's not a big issue. It's just a pain in the ass.

We are going to discuss everything in more detail on Wednesday and go over the options before we send in the buyer's response to the inspection. Oof! Then an appraisal if the seller accepts my conditions. The property isn't listed as "as-is" so I think I'm in a position to bargain a bit. I say this because three other people had visited the property before me and I'm the only one who made an offer. According to the sign in sheet anyways.

And I am a sucker and agreed to work Tuesday night for another driver. Then again, he helped us out on Sunday, so I felt that it was good payback. Besides, I don't have to close and it's only for a few hours. Since I'll be in "Mexico" this weekend, it will be good to earn a little extra cash.

Gotta get some sleep. Overtime calls me to it's dastardly bosom.

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