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Minor housing update:
Roof is taken care of by HOA, so that's not an issue as far as major/minor roof costs. Just tell them and be all, "HAY! FIX MY ROOF BITCH!" So that's good.
Also, found out that patchwork job is just a shitty job, has been fully cleaned/replaced. I'll get more details on that tomorrow though (or today if you reading this on Wednesday morning).

Pizza update:
PEOPLE FUCKING SUCK! I got stiffed twice on deliveries. ONE $3 tip and the rest were $1 or $2. I took SIX deliveries. Yes, I made $9 on a night I wasn't even supposed to work. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? To top it all off, they scheduled me for 3 days next week. After realtor's tomorrow, I think I'm headed for the Speedway store to see if HAM needs a weekend nonclosing night driver. I'm fucking done with this.

Warehouse update:
Still training new guy. Big boss is back tomorrow, so that's good. That means BR will be back on the floor. Thank goodness. This guy can shadow him for a while. I mean, he's a nice guy and all, but I like having my space. I was able to pawn him off on Crazy Lady for a bit and told him not to take it personally, but I really didn't have anything else for him to do. Plus, she was bitching that she didn't have anyone helping her. Well, then she did. I'm an awesome supervisor, even though I am not one. :)

Life update:
So, I posted on the Missed Connections page on Craigslist to this guy that I saw there that kept smiling at me. Now, see, here's the thing. Strangers don't smile at me. Especially attractive male strangers. I only seem to attract homeless men, smelly men, old men or Randy. Not even a pimply Star Wars fan will look in my direction, as I am not as hawt as OMG princess leia or what the fuck ever. Anyways, so, no response from the smiley guy, but I get a response from someone else. So, after some mental debate, I decide, "OK. I'll send him to my profile on yahoo. There is a picture there that he can see and we'll go from there."

Wouldn't you know it, no response.

So, you can see why I don't put myself out there. Because these guys, who are nowhere near the "standard" of attractiveness, are put off by my looks. Quite an ego blow. Especially when you are just starting to think, "Hey, maybe I am kinda hot." And then this shit happens.

To make it all worse, I didn't really want to meet the guy. I got rejected by someone I didn't even really want to get to know further. How fucked up is that?

So, I'll just continue plodding away in life. Working to find a better job, get a residence and be with my friends and keep hoping. Hope that I can find someone who can figure out that I have a fuckton to offer, it's just not in the package of a supermodel.

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