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I saw HAM tonight. Those feelings of *squee* are gone, but he's still nice to look at. :)
Poor CM is getting the shaft at work, I feel bad for him. After next week, I'll be working at HAM's store. After I move, it's a moot point as to which one is closer, they are both about the same distance away from me.

Ok, I lied a little. I did a little *squee* when HAM touched my leg (I was wearing shorts tonight) and said, "You got quite a set of calves there."


It was slightly fucked tonight. The closing driver quit. I don't know when he quit, but the poor fucker was the only one scheduled to close. On a Friday night. WTF? So, I asked CM, "Uh, so are we fucked?" and he said that it was taken care of. I was on deliveries until the end of the night and he was going to make the other driver who was still there (poor girl, she can't spell her name right. She spells it A L I C I A instead of A L I C A) do dishes and boxes. So, I got back from a delivery that had been totally fucked. The first pizza was wrong and then someone was told to remake it and it never got done. I'm sitting there waiting for the delivery and I ask CM, "Hey, where's my delivery?" So, remake the pizza (finally) and then I forgot the freaking chicken fingers. *sigh*

Anyways, I got out of there about 11:30. But, I didn't have to do much for closing, so that was nice. I felt a little bad for the cooks (they were doing closing driver duties), so I tipped them out individually instead of just throwing a smaller amount into the kitty for them. One of the other drivers is getting aggravated with his hours. I feel for the kid, but he's gotta learn to stand up for himself. I was going to stay and close to help out CM, but since he took care of the problem, no biggie. Closing driver for tomorrow night is the same for tonight, so I'll probably wind up staying tomorrow. Not as big of a deal since I don't have to get up on Sunday for work.

BTW, parilous I *do* have to work Sunday night, so no tv day for me :( Next Sunday however, I do believe we are on. I will bring Sopranos, too. :)

I am so excited about the house. I'm getting more and more excited. I can't freaking wait to paint and hang up pictures and shelves and just...just be in MY space. :) :)

This is what is making me *squee* now. I'm such a twit.

Ok, bed is calling me. I think I had more to say, but I don't remember. My brain is fried and my stomach is looking forward to a breakfast burger tomorrow morning. mmmmmmmmm breakfast burger.

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