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My potatoes were very good this morning. I seem to eat a lot of potatoes on Sunday mornings. Yum! The Cup is a little pricey, but the coffee is excellent. I still don't think I could rationalize spending $8 on lox, capers and a bagel. It would have to be a huge bagel.

I'm gonna do a bit more reading today of the latest Patricia Cornwell novel. I'm a sucker for Kay Scarpetta, the main character, but I'll tell you, the writing is getting a little stilted. I'm already seeing way ahead into the plot. I'm a bit disappointed. This may be the last one that I read of hers. Hopefully, this is the last in the series. Scarpetta is nearing sixty and doing all kinds of daredevil stunts. Yeah right. Only Chuck Norris can do those things.

Ok, reading and a nap before work tonight. It's so ridiculous too, as I'm only on the schedule for 3 hours. So lame.

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