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I think I'm coming down with a cold or something. Ever since this weekend I've been kind of rundown and slightly woozy. Not like omg i'm gonna faint woozy, more like feverish woozy, but I'm not feeling warm. Then again, it's hot enough in that fucking warehouse. I need to get a "personal cooling" device or something for the summer. Or a new fucking job. :)

Forgot to call the realtor today to see if we can move up closing day. I also need to post an ad for my apartment. Need to offload this fucker. Anyone want to take over the lease on a 1 bedroom place on the east side? Well, western edge of the east side.

I also bought a little "sound system" for my Shuffle(TM) so that we can listen to it at work. I'm getting tired of hearing the Eagles twice an hour. And stupid morning shows. At least this way we can listen to good music! (well, good to me anyways). We could play CDs if I hadn't broken the cd player. Oops.

Need to take availability to the other store, also. Probably get that done tomorrow. Need to try to go in early to work tomorrow. I've hardly made a dent in overtime this week. Gotta get motivated again. :) :) :)

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