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I <3 craigslist.

No, seriously, I do.

I already have 2 people interested in the apartment. I think I'll see if they can both come at the same time. That way they can both make their decision. I wonder if they'll hit it off and fall in love. I could be the catalyst for a match made in heaven!

I also cleared out my cds, dvds and videos. I'm headed to bookman's tomorrow. Whatever is left over is going into the free pile. So, my friends, you may just make out like bandits when I move. Aren't you excited?

Not only do you get to help me move when it's not the summertime, but you get pizza AND cds and videos!

Yes, that's right, pizza. I will be ordering with my phatty discount and having that shit delivered to my new place. MY FIRST DELIVERY! AWWWW!!

I'm such a dork.

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