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I have been in a fog most of the day. Headachy, sinusy, generally lousy.
First lady to come see the apartment decided to rent directly from the complex. Uhhh...gee thanks.
Second dude didn't bother to show up or CALL. So, I called him an hour after he was supposed to be here, left a message and laid down on the couch. See, by waiting for this loser I missed my chance to go to the bank to go get the cashier's check I need for monday morning. I need to see what time the bank opens on monday so I can run in and get one. Anyways, he calls me at 2:30 or so saying, "Sorry about that. I spaced out and went with an apartment I saw earlier today. Sorry I didn't call."

Yeah, thanks jackass.

So, I then just went to lay down in bed. Bobbie called, but I didn't answer the phone. I was just trying to feel somewhat human again. Went into work and felt like a zombie. At least it wasn't insanely busy tonight. Then again, I only made about $30 in tips. Ah well. HAM wasn't there, probably because we ran out of Sam Adams (his favorite beer) last night. Oops. Poor guy. Hope he's getting some rest instead.

I got off work about 11 and watched a little Fresh Prince while I ate my salad. It's been eons since I had a salad. It was nice. Actually, it's been almost a month. The last salad I had was when I put in the offer on the condo.

So, today had its ups and downs. I emailed one guy regarding the apartment to let him know it is still available. If he doesn't email me by tomorrow, I'm going to call the other lady who was interested. If by Monday evening I still haven't heard anything, I'll repost the ad.

I really needed to see HAM tonight to see if he put me on the schedule for next week. If he didn't that works out great, as I'll probably be PAINTING! WOOT! I'll find out tomorrow and call his store.

Ok, need to get some sleep. Have a lot of tv to watch tomorrow with parilous. ER here I come!

Oh, and carazona how did the Sopranos taping turn out? I'll probably get the video from you this week. Thanks again for taping it for me. :) :) :)

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