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Ok, this one is for the memories

I have my dinner and I am eating it now. I am going to try really hard not to get crumbs on the keyboard. :)

So, went into work today. Ho hum, boring boring boring, left work at 8:15 a.m. Headed for bank. Need cashier's check for closing on the condo. No problem. About to arrive at bank, but I don't know what time they open for sure. 8 or 9? Turns out it's 9 a.m. No biggie. As I'm pulling into the parking lot I get a call from the realtor.

"Hey, how's it going?", she asks.
"Fine. I'm on my way to get the check now, so I may be a little late."
"Oh, no problem. Can you get the check for $871?"
"Well, there's a small problem."
"Ok, sounds like it."
"It involves $635 and we're trying to figure it out. If it works out, we'll get the money refunded to you today."
"OK. I think I can swing that."

So, I have 20 minutes to kill. I sit in the lot with my phone and figure out my finances for a moment. I know I can do this, I just need to pull a few more shifts at the pizza place and work some mad crazy overtime at the warehouse. No problem. I just won't sleep anymore. I look at my gas gauge and realize I'm close to E. Ok, I have time to kill, I'll just drive down Skyline (eastbound) until I find a gas station.

Yeah, have you ever driven eastbound on Skyline (east of Campbell) trying to find a gas station? No? Good, because the closest one is just west of Swan and it's a Texaco. They charged me $2.69 and 9/10 for a fucking gallon of unleaded fuel. (btw, I want you to know that I am typing this and vera is trying to eat my sandwich)

So, I put in $15 so I can have a few dollars left to buy some lunch after the closing, a poptart just doesn't last you very long when you are all worked up over the BIGGEST PURCHASE IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE (for us mere peons, anyways). It is now about 8:55, so I begin the journey BACK on Skyline towards the bank to withdraw $871 and deposit $91 (woo pizza!).

I get the cashier's check and it hurts. I head for the escrow company. I park. I walk in. There are grim faces all around. "Oh shit." I say to myself.

"So, here's the deal," says John, the broker. "There was a bit of a problem in putting the loan together. You see, because it's this type of loan, the seller can only be responsible for up to 3% of the closing costs. The loan was never adjusted for the $500 credit that he signed into the contract. In effect, once you sign the HUD paper he is legally no longer obligated to pay you the $635 he technically still owes you."

"Um, this is bad," I murmur.

"Kind of. We have a few options. One, you can walk away from the deal. I'm sure you don't want to do that."

"Definitely not. It wouldn't make sense, I'd be out over $500 if I did that."

"Right. Two, we have escrow cut a check for the difference and have him endorse it over to you. However, we can't trust him to do this. He's under no obligation to do this because once that HUD paper is signed you have no legal right to that money, even though he signed a contract for the sale stating that he would give you this money."


"Three, we readjust the loan with a credit for the money and we'll have a check cut to you for overpayment of closing costs. This could extend closing by at least 3 days to a week to get this option done."


"Four, if the seller walks away with the money and doesn't sign it over to you, then I can see if I can get the money from the loan officer because this is his major screwup."

"Ok. Um. Wow. I don't know. I want to forge ahead with the deal. I think I'm just going to have to hope that he's a good person and will turn the money over to me as he stated in the original contract. I mean, if he doesn't, I'll survive, but I feel bad for his karmic balance." (and yes, I REALLY did mention karmic balances)

So, I began signing paperwork. I had made the decision. Finally, the seller's realtor answers her phone. The broker had been trying to get a hold of her ALL FREAKING MORNING but she wasn't returning calls. I really don't like the seller's realtor. She strikes me as a mean ol' lady. Anyways, we tell her the issue that is occuring with the closing and she says, "Write up the addendum, I'll have my seller sign it and turn the check over to your buyer."

I breathe a sigh of relief. Fairly guarded, but still, there is some glimmer of hope there that things will continue to move along at a good clip. I keep signing. And signing. Did I mention that I signed some papers? Thankfully, over the years of having to sign my name (I keep typing sing, by the way) it has become pretty much just scribble. I love it. Saves so much time.

Finish up with all the paperwork and the seller and his realtor are outside. We "sneak" out the back door and I catch a glimpse of the realtor. She just looks ornery. Poor lady, she probably doesn't get any or something. I chat with my realtor for a bit and she tells me that they probably won't record today, but tomorrow morning. I'll get the keys after they record. Okey dokey. I tell her I'll call her in the afternoon when I get off work to go pick up the paperwork. We part ways and I head back to work.

About lunchtime, my realtor calls me and says that the seller did indeed sign the addendum and should be giving me back the $635. I ask when I can expect the check, and she says, most likely by the end of the week. I breathe another guarded sigh of relief. I don't want to depend too heavily on this guy, especially after she tells me this part:

"So, they get into the office, and the escrow officer tells me this, she says that the realtor and the seller are going over the paperwork and the realtor asks the seller, 'Oh, you owe association fees?' And the seller says, 'Yeah, I'm going to go pay them after I leave here.' and the escrow officer is just trying not to laugh at them."

You see, I should explain the association fees. Apparently, the seller has not paid his fees in over 10 months. Yes, TEN months. Oops. And when the realtor offered the original counteroffer to my offer of purchase, she messed up on the wording. The way she worded it was already stated in the contract that I would take over the prorated fees for the month of purchase. Um, duh. But, clients ask their realtors to do odd things, so we assumed that her client was insane. But, no. He was trying to pass the buck onto me. HA HA! TAKE THAT EVIL SELLER'S REALTOR!

So, I have finally finished my sandwich and shall now wrap up this post. I would also like to announce a few other things:

Painting = tentative 4/15-4/16 (dependant on work schedule)
Moving = 4/23 (early morning, ok, like 9 or so) until we get the shit in and done!
Housewarming party = ??? Don't know yet, gotta get settled first.

Who's ready for some moving?

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